Thursday, August 2, 2012

Books List #2: SUMMER!!!

Sorry it's been awhile.... Things have just sorta gotten away from me... That and the lack of knowing what to write about... Well here are some summer themed books for your reading enjoyment :) Once again my site of choice is (I really do have an unhealthy obsession with books and Barnes & Noble, don't I?) And this time I'm more going by searching "summer"...

Summer In The City by Elizabeth Chandler
Athletic Jamie isn't sure about spending the summer in the city with her romance-novel-writing mum. But when she meets irresistible Josh, Jamie realizes she could probably use all the romance advice she can get!
Lacrosse camp 9 a.m.-noon (can't be late! "Coach" Josh will freak out)
Basketball camp 1:00-4:00 (so many screaming kids. . . )
Shopping with Mona 4:30 (finally a break)
Date with Andrew 7:30 (he's so perfect. . . isn't he?)
This is by the same author who wrote the Kissed By An Angel series

The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy by Jenny Han
Belly has always lived for the summertime because it means all her favorite things: swimming, the beach and the Fischer boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. She has spent every summer with them at Cousins Beach for as long as she can remember. She has always been in love with Conrad and finally, one summer, it seems like he might have feelings for her too. But it turns out, so does Jeremiah.
As the summers go on, Belly has to choose between two brothers who love her as she comes to the realization that she will have to break one of their hearts.
I've heard of this series before, I just don't remember where....

Summer Of Fear by Lois Duncan
From the moment Rachel's family takes in her orphaned cousin Julia, strange things start to happen. Rachel grows suspicious but soon finds herself alienated from her own life. Julia seems to have enchanted everyone to turn against her, leaving Rachel on her own to try and prove that Julia is a witch. One thing about Julia is certain-she is not who she says she is, and Rachel's family is in grave danger.
This is by the same author that wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer.... Speaking of which...

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan
Some secrets just won't stay buried.
They didn't mean it. They didn't mean to hit the boy. There was a party, and it was an accident...that wasn't who they were. They were pre-law, a football player, bound for New York. No one could know, so Barry, Julie, Helen, and Ray swore one another to secrecy. But now, a year later, someone knows. Julie receives a haunting, anonymous threat: "I know what you did last summer." The dark lie is unearthed, and before the four friends know it they need to outsmart a killer...or they will be the next to die.
Leave the lights on when reading this classic thriller! This new edition features modernized text and a new introduction by Lois Duncan, the master of teen horror.
I have no idea whether there's any difference between this and the original... So I don't know about but i'm gonna see if i can find the original...

Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly
Angie didn’t think she would fall in love, especially not with someone in her small town. But when she meets Jack during the summer before she goes off to college, all bets are off. From the moment they meet, Angie and Jack can’t get enough of each other. Even though Angie’s family thinks she should be with someone more sophisticated and with a brighter future, Angie knows Jack is the right one for her. But although Angie and Jack are in for a summer full of romance, first heartbreak is not far behind...
First published in 1942 and every bit as relevant today, Seventeenth Summer chronicles a pivotal experience with extraordinary freshness and sensitivity.
And before you say "oh that's too old and outdated! I'm not reading that!" (I'm not saying all of you think like that) just read the excerpt on the Barnes & Noble website, give it a shot!

So it's considerably shorter and way over do but here's another book list...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY Caffeinated Body Scrub!

This Caffeinated Body Scrub is super simple! Caffeine is Great for your skin because it is a natural antioxidant which means it will clear your skin of any free radicals. This body scrub is wonderful and I highly reccomend it as a regular exfoliant for both your face and body. WHAT YOU NEED: • 2 cups coffee grounds (don't worry this scrub won't turn your skin brown) • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil • 1 cup sugar • 2 Tbsp honey Just mix together in a large bowl and keep in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it in the shower! Your skin will be left super soft and moisurized! Good Luck! -EmmaKay

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Forever 21 Patterns!

There are so many trendy patterns out in the fashion world today. They add color and a fun attitude into everyday wardrobes. Some of my favorite patterns are: polka-dots, Ikat, animal, stripes, etc. Below are a few examples from Forever 21:
Polka Dot Dress
Price: $14.50Colors: Navy,Red, and PinkStore: Forever 21

Ikat Print Halter Bikini top and bottom
Top Price: $10.80Bottom Price: $9.80Store: Forever 21
Wild Animal Print Shorts
Price: $14.80Store: Forever 21

Striped Nautical Tank
Price: $14.90Store: Forever 21

I hope you enjoyed reading about patterns! What are your favorite patterns/designs? ~Lucy

Monday, June 4, 2012

Swimwear Style: Walmart

Hey everyone! First of all, I'm so, so sorry for the delay in getting this post up. I've been super busy lately, I hope you all understand! I have a ton of swimsuits from Walmart. They have really cute styles, and the prices can't be beat! I've picked out some of my favorite swimsuits from Walmart. Check them out below!

Op Juniors Print String Bikini

Op Juniors Ring-Front Monokini

  Op Juniors Printed String Bikini

Op Juniors Sequined String Bikini

Wanna see more great swimsuits? Check out your local Walmart, or the online store, for an even bigger selection!

Thanks for reading!
~ Brooke

Sunday, June 3, 2012


All girls love sparkles! Here are a couple of cute shimmery pieces and accessories I found and love! They are great for any occasion that will add to your look!

Metallic Shoulderless Top
Originally $15.80, Marked down to $7.99
Store: Forever 21

Glitter Eyeliner
Colors: black, silver, opal, purple, blue,
teal, and gold
Store: Sephora
(Just bought this and already love it!)
Gold Metallic Mini Skirt
Store: Charlotte Russe
Nail Inc. The Special Effects Collection Nail Polish
Store: Sephora
Thanks for reading! What sparkly items do you have in your wardrobe?
~ Lucy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Beauty Favorites!

Summer is finally here!!! Here are the products I reccomend to help keep your summer beautiful:

Self Tanner
     I love this self tanner from Bath and Body Works because it gives a bronze glow without making you orange.

True Blue Spa Vitamin E Self Bronzer
Bath and Body Works

24 Hour Lip Color
     This dual-sided lip color is a stain on one side and a lip balm on the other. Its great for a day at the beach when you don't want to have to keep applying lip gloss.

Maybelline 24 Hour Lip Color
Select Drugstores

Morrocan Argan Oil Hair Mask
     This hair mask is great because it leaves you hair soft, silky, and shiny.  Its also very easy to use.

 Organix Morrocan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment
Select Drugstores

That's it for now! I hope you'll try these great products! They really worked for me!
- Emma Kay

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lovely in Lace

Hey everyone! How has your Memorial Day been?

Lace is a huge trend this season, and it's definitely one of my favorites. It's such a feminine and flirty look that's perfect for a summer date! Here are some of my favorite ways to wear lace:

Original: $48.00, on sale for $23.99

This lace dress is so pretty! The flutter sleeves add a very feminine touch. This dress would be perfect paired with some sandals for date night!

Forever 21

These shorts are too cute! I love the floral and the lace together.  Pair these with a flowy top and matching wedges and you'll be ready to go!

Charlotte Russe

Put this blazer over a leopard-print top for a look that's flirty and fierce!

Original: $69.95, on sale for $55.99

These gorgeous heels will look great when paired with an ivory lace dress!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of the lace trend? Will you be sporting any lace this summer?

~ Brooke